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Debbie will put a moratorium on warehouses.
Debbie has been fighting warehouses in our neighborhoods for 20 years.

Debbie has years of experience at the County and local level working with residents, cities and County to improve the quality of life for thousands of residents living in Riverside County.  Debbie will provide much needed funding for school programs, parks, fire stations, sheriff's stations, trails, youth programs, non -profits and local events.

Debbie's husband was a Vietnam Veteran who is buried at the Riverside National Cemetery.  Debbie will increase services for Veterans. She will build more housing and treatment facilities for Veterans.  The County must increase the pay for County employee Veterans working to help other veterans. We need more staff and a new facility.

Debbie will make sure the County will continue to reduce homelessness and crime within unincorporated areas of District 1, the cities of Riverside, Perris and Jurupa Valley. 

The state has spent billions of dollars towards eliminating the homeless, but the problem continues to get worse.

Thousands of homeless continue to reside in the Santa Ana Riverbed and throughout homeless camps in the 1st District. 

Hundreds of fires are set each year in homeless camps and crime continues to increase. Our businesses are struggling to stay open because of vagrants at their door steps breaking windows, camping and defecating on sidewalks in front of their shops. 


It is time residents feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. 

Wildfires are all too common in Riverside County.

What can be done to reduce these fires?

Work to reduce Homeless Camps. Reduce weeds along County roads and vacant parcels.  Hundreds of miles of road right-of-way are covered with dry brush 6 feet tall. Thousands of acres of property has not been cleared of weeds.  We must do a better job of preventing wildfires in Riverside County.  The County has the resources, but has failed to fully implement them.

Riverside County must do more to provide high paying jobs for current residents who must drive hours to work in other Counties.  The current solution is to rely on logistics warehouses to provide jobs, building more toll lanes for commuters and the Metro Train.  This is a never ending problem that only increases over time.

The County no longer uses the Economic Development Department to bring real jobs to Riverside County, but instead relies on the easy Logistics Warehouses to provide so called economic growth.  
High paying jobs come from other Counties where commuters must travel for hours. The cost of gas is over $4.00 per gallon and the toll lanes are expensive. 

The current solution to the commuting nightmare is to add more toll lanes to our freeways. The cost is outrageous.

Toll lanes only lead to more construction and more costs to get to work.  We need higher paying jobs here in Riverside County.  The EDA must get back to work and create these jobs in Riverside County.

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