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 We need to lower homelessness, improve our schools, increase law enforcement and make public safety a top priority. "With nearly two decades of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."

Law Enforcement

The main function of the  Riverside County Supervisor is to approve the budget and provide public safety.  We need to continue to increase funding for our men and women in blue, not defund law enforcement. Debbie will increase funding the sheriff's Department and DA's office. Debbie will increase funding for the Indio Jail, ROVE teams, SET teams and bomb squad.  
Our current laws in Sacramento must change.  Criminals are roaming our streets breaking into businesses driving many businesses into bankruptcy, attacking people unprovoked on our streets, stealing catalytic converters, vehicles, mail and breaking into homes with little or no jail time.

Homeless and Crime

Homelessness is at a all time high. The current policies are not working. Homelessness is increasing within District 1. According to the data, District 1, which covers Riverside, Perris, and Wildomar, reported the most homeless individuals with 1,184.

According to the data from the 2023 Riverside County Homeless Point In Time
, 21% of the unsheltered people volunteers spoke to were
experiencing homelessness for the first time.

Three specific groups saw increases in homelessness: Veterans (up 31%),
Households with Children (Up 12%), and Seniors 62+ (Up 6%).

Meanwhile, transitions age youth aged 18-24 saw a 27% decrease since last year.


Logistics Warehouses

Massive warehouses and the logistics trucks they produce

are impacting our local roads, health and quality of life.

These warehouses are proposed next to our homes, schools,
and churches.

I will put a moratorium on new warehouses in Riverside County.

I have fought these massive warehouses in the Riverside

area for 20 years.  I will vote against these warehouses

as a Member of the March JPA. The logistics trucks are

moving from the freeways into our neighborhoods. These 
are public lands that are being used to benefit developer

not the taxpayers. These are our PUBLIC LANDS and should be

set aside for parks NOT WAREHOUSES. 

Veterans Services

Debbie will provide adequate housing for our veterans, households with children and seniors.
We need Veterans Housing NOT WAREHOUSES on our Public land.  Developers should not benefit over the Veterans  and tax paying residents who live here.
Veterans Services must be expanded and resources increased. A 31% increase in one year in Veterans who are homeless in unacceptable. The Current County building is inadequate. 
The building is
old and the parking lot is too small. There is not enough

staff and those that are employed by the County are overworked and

underpaid. I experienced this firsthand after my husband, a Vietnam

Veteran, passed away.

March Veterans Village is providing apartments and services, but clearly it

not enough. Debbie will fund and build more veterans apartments at the

March Reserve  Base to provide much needed housing and services to our

homeless veterans.

School Program Funding

Our schools need increased funding for after school programs, school supplies, and scholarships. 
Many parents in Riverside, Jurupa Valley, Mead Valley, Good Hope and Perris cannot afford school supplies for their children. 

As County Supervisor I will fund a host of programs for our children to help them succeed. 

Some of these  programs include school gardens, shop classes and trade classes. 

Funding for baseball and sports leagues. 

Funding for school supplies. Children and teachers should not have to pay for school supplies.

Air Pollution

Our freeways are already at capacity.  Our smog is the worst in the Nation. We have some of the highest asthma rates.

The current policy for Riverside County is to let massive warehouses dominate our landscape.  These warehouse are close to our schools, parks and neighborhoods. Their logistics trucks are using our freeways and local streets to get to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The smog that they produce is destroying our health and that of our children. We cannot accommodate more warehouses.

The trucks from these warehouses are destroying our roads.

Debbie has a history of fighting against logistics warehouses in our communities.

She will vote against warehouses as County Supervisor. 

Stop logistic trucks parking in our neighborhoods.

Stop these trucks from driving in our neighborhoods.

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